Monday, November 26, 2012

Janice Lee is engaged + married to Sung =')

It feels so touched when you are able to witness your idol to find her perfect one in life.

It is such a lovely story behind their engagement where Sung (Janice's fiance/husband) flew 17 hours to give a surprise to Janice Lee and proposed to her with a ring~~~ 

Aww ... :') 

2012 is the year where the twins Jayesslee get to find their perfect partner in life.
It's so coincident that both sisters get married/engaged in the same year :D
It's good then..
it means that Janice Lee is no longer that alone after Sonia Lee getting married..


All the great pictures are the production of Jenny Sun Photography.
Visit her blog to view more pictures of Janice & Sung.
*thumbs up*

 JayessleeTV has posted a youtube video about the pictures too :)

Janice Lee & Sung,
Stay sweet forever :')

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With love,

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